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I don’t build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build.
— Ayn Rand - Russian-American novelist, philosopher, playwright, and screenwriter.

Testimonials About Todd Stollberg


I had successfully worked with Todd at P&G in Europe so when I worked for Sears in the US and faced a tough issue he was the first person I called. I found him as a consultant just the way he was as an executive: Personable, very skilled and trustworthy and totally focused on adding value and helping me to make things happen. And just as we used to do several years before - we got a very difficult job well done!
— Guenther Trieb President and Group Chief Executive Officer - Delsey

I worked with Todd at P&G. He worked in sales at the time but he was one of the most well rounded Executives I’ve ever come across. He thinks strategically and always looks for solutions. To this day, Todd not only offers suggestions but takes action as he sees fit. And the great majority of the time, he is right. My best summary of Todd is he makes things happen, good things!
— Fernando Aguirre Owner & CEO at Erie Seawolves Baseball - Former Chiquita CEO & P&G President

Todd was a great partner to work with. He was very detailed oriented and knowledgeable. He was always willing to help in any way possible and was understood how to implement and foster partnerships.
— Marc Tobin General Counsel at Oplon BV

Todd is a highly skilled relationship builder and savvy business manager, who would be an asset to any type of business. He is able to develop and foster relations with people at any level of an organization, and engenders fierce loyalty from the people who work for him. Todd is also able to successfully navigate entrenched business organizations as well as flex his entrepreneurial capabilities with equal aplomb. I would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with Todd again in the future.
— Jessica Knopp-Gwynne President, CMO, Board Member - Depict Inc.

I have worked closely with Todd while he was responsible for the joint business plan we developed together while I was Gillette’s Supply Network Operations Innovation Leader. Todd is a “total systems” strategic thinker. His effort to enable Gillette to fully leverage Sonoco’s suite of capabilities helped the business become more agile, quicker to market and lowed structural costs across multiple functions in the Grooming Business Unit. His ability to move from strategic planning to execution was terrific and his passion to challenge the status quo kept our engagement stimulating and fun while delivering results
— Pete Wojda Partner at The Partnering Group
Todd has exceeded every expectation for excellence as an adjunct professor here in the Farmer School at Miami University. He is top drawer in every way; engaging, creative, impactful, motivates like few can. Todd is a man with a lot of class, integrity, and talent.
— Dr. Roger L. Jenkins Dean/Professor Emeritus, Miami University
It was my priviledge and delight to work with Todd Stollberg at Sonoco during the last decade in several capacities. From a sales standpoint, he was one of our best commercial leaders and viewed as a “trusted advisor” by one of our top Corporate Customers. He co-led the establishment and implementation of a Joint Business Plan that aligned cross-functional resources and created significant value for both business partners. Fom a strategic perspective, Todd led the first ever creation of Corporate, Divisional and Functional One Page Plans that cascaded key objectives from the C-suite to the plant floor, driving clear accountability and alignment of all 21,000 employees. Lastly, from a cultural standpoint, Todd was selected by our Executive Committee to facilitate the tedious research and documentation of Sonoco’s 118 year culture. This remarkable body of work was then translated into Sonoco’s core Values, Promises and Principles and resides prominently adjacent to our Corporate One Page Plan. In short and without reservation, I give Todd my highest recommendation. He will be a rare and highly valued asset to any private or public institution. He is a change agent, strategist, innovator, teacher, external thinker and wicked-smart business partner!
— Marcy (Leonard) Thompson Vice President, Marketing & Innovation at Sonoco
Todd was a great leader at Sonoco, working with us for more than nine years, most recently as Vice President of Business Development. Todd’s drive to develop new avenues for business development helped Sonoco grow during his tenure. In addition, his commitment to Sonoco’s culture and values was paramount in his daily interactions, which is an important trait of a great associate. He was a strong part of the Sonoco team with a vision for excellence.
— M. Jack Sanders President and CEO
Todd is a strategic thinker who brings out the best in the people he works with. I have had the pleasure of working with Todd for the last five years and continue to enjoy the work we do together for our client. Coming from Europe, I find corporate America to be stiff and unimaginative - Todd is neither of these things - he approaches his work with passion and enthusiasm and that is infectious. He leads but does not manage and he persuades but does not control - and I really enjoy this kind of approach.
— Jon Stevens Senior Vice President - Process & Technology at SGS, an sgsco company
In my twenty four year career in positions of senior sales and general management with P&G, J&J, and now Sun Products, Todd Stollberg is one of the finest people I have had the privilege of working with. Todd and I have worked shoulder-to-shoulder on many occasions over the past 15+ years. In every instance I have see Todd operate with the highest integrity, exceptional collaboration skills, and outstanding business insights and acumen. He has the unique ability to raise the performance of any team he is involve in due to his exceptional ability to engender trust and to tackle and solve complex business and organizational problems. I would heartily recommend Todd!
— Jeff Strong Senior Executive and Industry Expert at Consumer Products Industry
Todd is a passionate leader with an exceptional sense of empathy for consumers and customers. While working in the Baby, Feminine and Family Care global business unit at P&G, Todd consistently represented the needs of the consumer and the best approach to deliver superior value to the customer. His leadership in delivering the perspective of the marketplace was a much needed focus on the external realities affecting the business, rather than too much emphasis on our own internal issues. Todd’s warm and genuine demeanor was also a refreshing way to collaborate on the business and consistently reminded us that we all need to work on having positive, authentic relationships first while working on the needs of the business. I’m grateful for having the opportunity to work with Todd and look for the opportunity again.
— Tom Dierking Design Director, Transformational Platform Technologies at Procter & Gamble
I had the pleasure of working with Todd on P&G’s Global FemCare business for a number of years. Todd has great leadership skills and was able to use them in building the business and developing the capability of the organization. He understands how these two pieces must both be considered when driving for results. In addition, Todd was always working on new business ideas and or channels in order to expand the business and tap into new markets. He works well with all he comes in contact with and was a great teammate.
— Nj Pesci SVP HR Scripps Networks
Todd is an experienced customer marketing professional who exhibits all the key qualities of a professional consultant, advisor, leader, coach and mentor - integrity, honesty, willingness to help, creative, strategic and a great listener who delivers exceptional value to his customers.
— Grant McClement Consultant at Optime International
Todd’s ability to connect with the customer , understand their needs and deliver a global , innovative , packaging , graphics and commercialization solution puts him well above most other business executives I know . Leveraging team skills and linking to various parts of the wider company organization has to be a world first of its kind . He brought demonstrated value to the customer and effectively managed the new global approach through to quantifiable results through an innovative project development concept uniquely able to meet and exceed customer needs . This is a major achievement . Well done Todd !
— Chris Hill Senior Consultant at CHA Associates offering consulting and business growth support
Todd’s depth of knowledge of Customer relationship management coupled with his business knowledge having spent 25 years at P&G, was extremely valuable to Sonoco in many respects. He helped me develop the organizational design for what is now, Corporate Customer Program at Sonoco, including $1.0 billlion in revenues, and the framework to allow us to grow and develop beyond the 7 Customers we serve today. Todd’s character, integrity, teamwork and management skills are outstanding Todd’s work to continue to move forward Sonoco’s relationship with Gillette is groundbreaking. The ability to put together strategies toward using the best of what Sonoco has to help Gillette win in the marketplace and to align both Companies leaders behind it, is unique. It is unique because Sonoco has a toolbox full of capabilities that are often hard to understand and manage. Unique because it requires a great deal of trust from Gillette to allow us to take control of parts of their supply chain and top management time and focus to be successful. Todd has designed and orchestrated a model for customer relationships to create a winning combination.
— Vicki Arthur VP Sonoco Protective Solutions
Todd was my direct manager at Procter & Gamble for several years as we managed the Global Paper business, current business and new business development. To this day, he is one of the best managers I have ever had the pleasure of working for. He is an inspirational and visionary leader that empowers his team to develop solid sustainable strategic plans, and enables them by providing excellent coaching. Under his leadership the team delivered year on year outstanding business results, leveraging breakthrough strategies.

He is also a great manager and advocate of diversity, both cultural and style. As the only African American woman in the unit, he created a culture of inclusion that enabled me to come to work whole and leverage my capabilities to build the business and the organization and continually advance on the management fast track. I highly recommend Todd to any employer, client, or employee seeking a strong visionary leader.
— Najoh (Tita) Tita-Reid Vice President, Country Division Head, UK and Ireland, Bayer HealthCare for Consumer Care

Testimonials About Scott Stollberg

When Scott worked with Kalmbach Publishing, he approached my company about acquiring our publication and attendant web site. He had done his homework as it showed in the due diligence of the questions he asked about the publications status — current and anticipated future.

As I learned more about Scott, that he was not only member of Kalmbach’s senior management and its acquisitions group, but also a savvy publications and marketing sale specialist able to recognize potential growth in our product, which was ranked Number One in its field at the time of sale. He understood that his company offered benefits to publication growth that we did not. To that end he brought Kalmbach’s various departments together to create an integrated publication “brand,” that went beyond the print and online edition to include both consumer and trade shows, TV and online video programming and marketing outreach through reader-related events.

Of course, had I known Scott’s history this would have been less surprising as his background
Includes service in the newspaper industry where he managed a 30 person sales & support staff. At Kalmbach he continued that leadership with responsibility for 14-plus magazines in addition to annuals and special issues. He would lead those publications on to the internet and expand into the new world of social media.

With all of these responsibilities, Scott also conducted himself in the most professional and business-like manner. But, then again, that would be Scott, who is very affable and readily able to conduct business as a friend.
— Jerry Bassett Chief Creative Officer & Partner Recreational Publications/Riverbrook LLC
Scott Stollberg is a no-nonsense executive that cuts through the clutter of happy-talk business adages and simply motivates people to get things done.
Scott’s straightforward approach underscores his integrity and honesty. You always know where he stands!
Scott understands people’s motivations and quickly assesses their abilities.
Scott is a good listener and an effective mentor, bringing out the best in his employees without coddling them. His honest, straightforward approach builds trust and empowers those he works with.
— Mark Savage - Senior Editor at Kalmbach Pulbishing
I had the privilege of working with Scott Stollberg at Kalmbach Publishing Co. for almost 20 years. I recommend him unequivocally for any business consultation.
I offer a unique perspective in that I reported to Scott, and consider him to be an outstanding mentor. He taught me how to be a Manager of business and of people. Beyond giving advice, he teaches, so the individual takes ownership and is empowered to make their own mark. Plus, Scott not only mentored the people reporting to him, but also others throughout the company, in multiple departments. He was highly respected by all.
One of Scott’s most impressive qualities was his ability to learn about, and then influence people and areas throughout the company. He used his leadership skills, analysis and expertise to advise and improve departments beyond his own. His drive and focus was always to make things better, and to make a difference.
One of my greatest learning experiences occurred when I became involved in the magazine acquisition process. Scott demonstrated how building the relationship with the people was just as important as the analysis of the business itself. This is a critical because it illustrates his priorities in working with a business …the people come first.
Scott is the epitome of a leader, and all that this word represents. But even more important…he has two key characteristics that cannot be taught. The first is passion. Passion for every aspect of the business and for the people involved. The second is integrity. He will make an honest assessment and recommendation, and would turn away business if he didn’t think the customer would benefit.
Bottom line, in any consultation, I am confident that Scott would treat any business as if it were his own.
— Ann E. Smith Corporate Ad Director Kalmbach Publishing Co.