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Value Creation

Co-creating seen & unseen value

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
— Helen Keller - n American author, political activist, and lecturer. She was the first deaf-blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree.

Examples of Demonstrated Value Creation:




challenge: Build a global strategy process

CONTRIBUTIONS: Lead the revamping of a Fortune 500's Strategic Development, Deployment & Execution processes to deliver aggressive growth goals.  This work included defining the processes to link Sector(s) / Division(s) / Functional Leadership Teams to an overall One Page Corporate plan and corresponding set of Sector plans. Additionally, sessions were conducted with each Senior Business Leader and their respective Leadership Teams on the development, deployment and execution of their respective plans to ensure everyone was aligned to deliver the Corporate & Sector growth goals.

RESULTS: These one page plans are focused on building long term capabilities and results yet dynamic and responsive to changes in direction given market conditions. These plans were used to drive internal alignment top-down and across 22,000 employees, as well as, upward (e.g., Board alignment) and external (e.g., Analysts and Customers).

Value Org Design.jpg

organizational (executive coaching)

Challenge: design for success

CONTRIBUTIONS: Conducted an extensive Organizational Performance Assessment of a Sector within a Fortune 500 Company representing over half of the Company's sales and the Sector charged with growth. This assessment included a broad-based and diverse representation of leaders and functions across the enterprise. From the 175 page analysis and report a number of gaps were recognized.  Two major gaps were in "Strategy" (lack of clarity & alignment) and "Cultural" (the deeply entrenched 100+ year cultural norms were either getting in the way or not being leveraged. 

RESULTS: With the sponsorship of the Sector's Executive VP, we developed and deployed overall strategic process improvement and a complete refresh (and reminder) of the Corporations' Vision, Mission, Values, Principles and Promises that made the Company successful, historically, and will serve as the foundation for generations to come. This work was the centerpiece of communication in their most recent Annual Report.

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supplier <> manufacturer

challenge: create a New business & relationship model

CONTRIBUTIONS: Designed, developed and deployed a new business model between a Supplier and their largest global Customer.  This work included having joint multi-functional teams embedded within the Customer's headquarters and around the world.  This global work was guided by an aligned Joint Business Plan (JBP) with the vision to work as "ONE TEAM" charged with “Delivering Sustainable Competitive Advantage Together”.  The work was reviewed regularly by C-Level Executives from both companies and even at the Board of Directors level.

RESULTS: Over $100MM in savings / new business generated for both companies. This Pilot and new business and relationship model was proven to be highly successful, had part of its work recognized with a "Global Innovation Award" by the Customer's Senior Management, and both companies are looking for opportunities to re-apply the model in other relationships where joint value can be generated.

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Challenge: Acquire $875MM new business

CONTRIBUTIONS: Key Sales & Marketing Commercial Leader on a core due diligence team (CEO & 6 People) with an international Client to assess and ultimately strategically acquire $875MM of new business the Client needed to diversify and grow the Corporation. The purchase required intense due diligence in a short period of time and within a competitive closed bid process.

RESULTS: Client was successful in purchasing the business and TDS Partners not only helped in the overall acquisition assessment but also identified +$20MM in Sales & Marketing synergy savings the Client could capitalize upon during integration of the two companies.


category <> customer

challenge: align global categories with a global customer

CONTRIBUTIONS: Worked extensively and intensely to facilitate the collaboration between a Fortune 50's Global Business Unit and the three Global Categories that housed iconic household brand names and the largest retailer in the world. This included extensively planned "Category <> Customer Linkage" planning and alignment that eventually generated record year-over-year results for both companies and included major projects like re-engineering the stores around the world to better meet the needs of the Retailers Shoppers and the Manufacturers Consumers.

RESULTS: The Customer named the Manufacturer “Vendor of the Quarter” and “Vendor of the Year”. Both awards were the first time ever for the Manufacturer.



challenge: assessing the viability to expand brands into other channels

CHALLENGE: Worked with a Fortune 150 North American Retailer that was owned by a large holding company and undergoing massive restructuring The Client was trying to find new ways to compete (and survive) in the marketplace.  TDS Partners LLC was retained to help the Client assess the viability of taking 3 iconic NA household brands outside of their long-standing traditional bricks & mortar stores and distribute them into the Mass, Club and other channels. A thorough landscape assessment was conducted which included pulling together the entire "Go-2-Market" plans to succeed AND opening doors with the largest Mass retailer in the world.

RESULTS: The Clients' holding company CEO stopped the distribution out of concerns that one of the brands was going to compete head-to-head with another major brand that he had a vested interest in! IF we would have been given the "green light" you would have seen these 3 brands in distribution because we designed a complete plan to expand and succeed. However, since the engagement one of the brands has entered into another channel.


CHALLENGE: A long established publishing company with no real acquisition strategy. Acquisitions came to them with out a plan on what types of acquisitions were needed to grow the company.

CONTRIBUTIONS: Formed a New Products group made up of executives and staff. First priority was to establish a clear vision of what the long term needs were for the growth of the company. The group looked at expanding existing markets, entering new markets, and exploring new media. Potential areas were targeted. Instead of reacting as opportunities came to the company a proactive approach was taken. Directly reached out to targeted magazines and other media that were not initially interested in selling. Built genuine business relationships, offered support and ideas for the potential acquisitions. Several of these efforts resulted in acquisitions bypassing brokers and not disturbing existing staff during the immediate transition.

RESULTS: Expanded the company into new markets and opportunities, brought new talents and skills into the company, Increased overall revenue of the company and leveraged the existing strengths of the company within the new markets.



challenge: create an Experiential learning program and generate exponential value at the same time

CONTRIBUTIONS: Developed a new curriculum for Juniors and Seniors at a Top 25 Business School, which included a capstone experiential learning event whereby students competed for grades selling as Business Teams to Fortune 500 Employers.

RESULTS: The "value" generated from this program was multi-fold: 1) Students learned on-hands business skills, 2) Many Students were hired by these employers, 3) The University received huge exposure to Employers, 4) The Professor (also a Consultant) secured a long term Client from the work and was also recognized as one of two "Outstanding Faculty Members" at the University, and 5) The program is still in existence today and has been expanded internationally to other Universities.